Frequently Asked Questions

If I forget my password, what do I do?

On the right hand side of the front page of our website there is a section named “my account”, you need to click it, which will take you to customer login. There is a forget password link at the bottom of login fields. Click that link; enter your email address you have used to register your account and clicks submit. The password reminder will be sent to your registered account. If you do not even remember your registered email address, you won’t be able to retrieve your password online. Please call our online website management partners (Digicom360) at 01189637563 for account details retrieval.

Can I come to Universal Express Distribution Warehouse and collect my order?

Universal Express Distribution also offers a counter service, where customers can come and collect goods at a time that suits them best. We have experienced and helpful staff always available at our counter to make sure your order is taken correctly.
Counter Details: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30
Saturdays 09:00 to 16:30
Sundays 10:00 to 17:00

What time is the latest time that I can place my order on-line for delivery?

05:00 pm

When I place order on-line, can I then phone in to add to the order?

We cannot add to the current order, however we can create a new order but at our normal telesales rates

How do I search for an item?

Type in the search box, Product code / brand / product description etc.

What time is the latest time that I can place my order on-line for collection?

01:00pm for same day collection From 11:am to 23:59 for collection next day

The list price on the order pad is incorrect compared to your brochure?

You need to add to the basket in-order to see the discounted price.

Do Universal Express Distribution sell Halal Products?

Yes we do sell Halal foods, toppings etc.